October 15th–Arrived in Paris

We have safely arrived in Paris without any problems.  We arrived at SFO a bit early and had time to sit in the Air France lounge.  Had a nice snack washed down with a Bloody Mary.  Our flight was about 10 hours traveling over the upper NE part of the United States. We flew over Nova Scotia on our to France.  We skirted the south of England and came into France from the North.  We landed with a thump and a skid that scared us but we landed just fine. Namoamidabutsu.  Something about air flight that reminds me the Other Power and giving up our powerless selves.

We arrrived on Tuesday at 11:30 am and took the train into Paris to our hotel. We settled Into our room and them took an afternoon food tour.  We got a bit lost on our way to the tour, but eventually met up with our tour guide Dina.  We started our tour in the Northern part of Paris at the Rue de Bretagne market where we picked up dates, tomatoes and grapes. We then traveled nearby to Maison Verot to pick up salami.

As we traversed the area we saw wonderful old neighborhoods.  Dina pointed out that many of the older buildings will have lanterns hanging outside and some buildings will have street names carved into the buildings.

Our next stop was Jacques Genin Chocolate shop one of the best in Paris.  I have to say it was very very good. With sugar pouring through our veins we had renewed energy to walk over to the Place de la Republique.  This large statue celebrates the founding of the French Republic.  It’s large statue on the top is Marianne the manifistation of the French Republic. Surrounding her is three statues representing Liberty, Equality and Faternity.  Something we dearly need in the world today.

Nearby we stopped at a small and wonderful cheese shop were we tasted 10 different cheeses with wine and our fruits, salami and veggies bought earlier.  Our last stop was Boularngerie Des Pain.  Great pistachio pastry.  I had the apple.  Yummy.

That ended our first day in Paris.  Loving the city and the people.

Rev. Shinseki