November 5th–Last Day in Rome

Today is our last day in Rome, tomorrow we board a plane home.  We will arrive in San Francisco late on the 6th.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone upon our return.

We had a fantastic last day.  We visited the Coliseum where 60,000 people could gather to watch the gladiators fight. The Coliseum is huge, built in the 70 ACE and is showing its age. There is a lot of renovation going on, but still a magnificent site.  We had the privilege of going in and standing on the battleground floor.  You really get a sense of the closeness of the crowds as the gladiators fought.

After the Coliseum we walked over to the Roman Forum.  Along the way we saw the excavation of Roman ruins.  It is hard to imagine the Forum almost 2,000 years ago with people gathering to watch the chariot races around the circus makimus.  This was the center of Rome socially and politically.  As with all things it didn’t last.

Jane and I made our way to the Spanish Steps named because of the vicinity of the Spanish diplomatic building and a Italian church.  The Spanish counsel built the steps to link the two as a sign of friendship.  Something we dearly need today.

Rev. Shinseki