Scam Artists and Hoarders

April 15, 2020

In Buddhist mythology there are ten realms of existence which represent our human psychological states and potential states of being.  Of particular interest for us and relevant to us are the lower six realms of existence.  The lower six realms are: Jigoku or hell; Gaki or hungry ghosts; Chikusho or the animal realm; Ashura or the fighting spirits; Ningen or the human real; and Tenjin or the heavenly realm.

In our present situation we find people taking advantage of others creating scams to bilk money from the unsuspecting.  We ourselves might be stockpiling toilet paper, paper towels, face masks or hand wipes.  This also is to the detriment of others.  This is the world of the gaki or the hungry ghosts.  The gaki have an insatiable thirst to have what others have to think only of their own benefit, forgetting others. How often have we found ourselves existing in that realm?

This blog isn’t condemning but acknowledging this part of ourselves that is greedy and only thinking of self. “We create our own demons”[1]

Fortunate for us, Amida established the most excellent vow that accepts us despite our foibles. How grateful I am.


Rev. Hosei Shinseki

[1] Tony Stark, Iron Man 3